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A short list of thank you's

Sara Lingafelter
Sara Lingafelter
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I’m just about to hit “publish post” on a little photo trip report from this weekend, but I’m multitasking tonight. Specifically, I’m washing dishes, unpacking from my last trip, doing laundry, packing for my next trip, recovering from getting my first round of vaccinations for out-of-US-travel (more on that next week), paying bills, cleaning my apartment, crafting an expedition plan for my next big project — Mount Gear — in my living room, and, if I’m lucky, getting my quarterly taxes done before the deadline.


Anyway — I was starting to hyperventilate just thinking about how much I have to get done tonight, and realized… there’s an easy cure to cleaning-and-life-induced hyperventilation: music. And, what better music to crank than a friend’s playlist that I haven’t gotten a chance to listen to? Which made me think… holy crap. I have a whole lot to be thankful for right now. Which, possessed me to sit down and take a five minute break from all of the above to say a few “No – seriously – you have no idea how much I appreciate you’s” before digging back into my “night off.”

This is, in no way, an exhaustive list, and it could be a mile long. But, since I’ve gotta get back to all of the above, here are five (oops, six) quick “thank you’s.”

  1. The inspiration behind this post… tonight’s hyperventilation cure, courtesy of @chaseadamsphoto who put together the playlist that I’m rocking out to tonight for @cupcakemafia‘s blog.
  2. The wonderful folks at Verde PR for still coming to my gear rescue even though I’m behind on my gear reviews.
  3. My rep friends Dave Haavik with the Alta Group Inc., Bob Holding and the crew at Waypoint Outdoor, and Brad Werntz and the good peeps at Pemba Serves who are now on speed dial for friendship, advice, trip talks, gear pow-wows, and the occasional much-appreciated pro deal.
  4. Steph, because every time I pee with my harness on without having to drop the seat, I think of you. I thought of you several times on Sunday.
  5. Shawn, who kept me from hitting the ground on Sunday, and GR, who would have kept me from hitting the ground had I fallen on Goddess (at least, after the first clip).
  6. My girls. #badassgirls #smartgirlsrock


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