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a wee bit of housekeeping

Sara Lingafelter
Sara Lingafelter
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I’m going to experiment with a new commenting system…

Keep up the comments on old posts… those will continue to have the old blogger comments so that I don’t lose your precious wisdom on those old posts. I just did a test comment on this post with the new system, and it looks like I’ll stick with it unless there’s negative feedback from readers… so comment away and let me know what you think.

Beta testing in public is such a strange thing to do, but, with limited time…

Thanks so much to the climbergirls who have started to write in. I honestly thought that other than WasatchGirl, it was all boys who read this blog. It’s satisfying to know that there are climergirls out there reading, too.

Have a lovely Tuesday, all… I’m off to do my “real work” for the day. Gotta keep working on a plan to make a living as a climbergirl, I think…

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