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All a climbergirl wants for Christmas is...

Sara Lingafelter
Sara Lingafelter
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This is likely to be a very lean Christmas for many of us, but in case you’re shopping around for ideas for the climbergirls in your life, I wanted to highlight some items that I’d imagine other women who climb would be happy to find in a stocking or under the tree.

Read on for the list of holiday gift ideas for the rock climbers in your life!

For the girl who has everything and or doesn’t want more “stuff,” renew her Access Fund membership. Depending on which route you go, you may even wind up with a handful of stocking stuffers to go along with the goodness of supporting the Access Fund and its efforts to preserve access to climbing areas for all of us.

Climb On! Handbars
are environmentally friendly, and do the trick to help soothe beat-up climbergirl hands. I’ve been cheating and using a Bliss Spa scrubbing wash and hand lotion for awhile now, but it’s packed full of unhealthy, bad-for-the-planet ingredients, so won’t be a repurchase. More information about the full line of Climb On! skincare is available on their website.

For a mere $49 or so, you can grace her ears with her favorite songs in a teeny, tiny, gym and crag-friendly package. I heart my hot pink ipod shuffle. It goes everywhere with me. Easy to set up with a PC or Macintosh, teeny tiny and easy to tote around, I use mine to stay focused while training and to wind down or up depending on the situation.

Mountain Hardware’s Butter Topper Hoodie
is my new favorite every day, every where shirt. It’s stretchy, unusually cozy for something this light weight, has extra long sleeves with thumbholes (to keep your wrists and hands warm) and a hood. It really may just be the world’s most perfect shirt. I bought it as a climbing layer, but am finding myself living in it pretty much whenever I’m not in court. It just feels wonderful against the skin, and after multiple washings and wearings to the gym, it still looks brand new.

My Marmot’s Neve Sweater
is my go-to down puffy. It’s the only puffy I’ve tried that actually covers my midriff when I lift my arms… it also zips from the bottom and the top, to make checking belay tie-ins, and wearing the jacket zipped while belaying easy and comfortable. I’ve had mine for over a year, have washed it (using down-friendly soap, in a front loading washing machine) three times, and it’s still in fantastic shape.

If you’re shopping for a gear girl, don’t miss the
Metolius Master Cams
. Originally advertised and talked up as an Alien substitute, these cams are acquiring quite a following in their own regard. Yes, the yellow does substitute for a yellow alien. But, more than that, these are easy to place, easy to clean (much easier to clean than other Metolius cams I’ve climbed with) and on my rack have stood up to wear and tear quite well. An increasing number of my climbing partners are picking up these cams, and I have three on my rack that get placed on almost ever traditional route my rack goes up.

If she hasn’t yet joined us cool kids who wear helmets, the Petzl Altios helmet is worth a serious look. I’m partial to the Petzl Elios, having climbed in a series of them over the years. The Elios has only gotten better through subtle redesigns. The Altios, though, might just blow the Elios out of the water, with its hybrid suspension involving a mesh panel and polystyrene liner. The helmet is intended to feel “weightless,” something I’d love to have in a helmet. I haven’t gotten to try this one on; but if it has room for a ponytail like some of the other new helmet models, this may just be my dream helmet.

Getting out of the g
ear zone, give her something to watch and read. Dosage V
is out, complete with Beth Rodden on the cover (I have it on order now, and can’t wait to get it… will post a review). Renew her Urban Climber Magazine and Climbing Magazine subscriptions for a gift that will give her extra send-o’s year round.

Now, for non-climbing gear that appeals to climber girls… Check out the Haiku line of handbags. I have the Haiku to Go bag, and it’s my everyday purse. It carries my makeup-to-go bag, my wallet, my electronic devices (a Blackberry, a cell phone, my iPod Mini and my iPod shuffle), my business card case, my ID tags for work, my little prescription bag, my beanie and gloves, an umbrella, my checkbook, a pack of gum, snacks, two water bottles… let’s see… what else… and there’s still room left over. If I clean it out, I can even tuck my little laptop inside. I get more compliments on it than any purse I’ve ever carried, and when I spill coffee on it, the coffee wipes right off. This is a highly recommended treat.

Finally… she could really use a pair of fuzzy, comfy boots for keeping her feet toasty warm in between sends at the gym, and for those chilly winter overnights out camping. UGG boots are a solid, yet generally unattractive choice… I think they’re probably a better choice for slipping off and on in the gym than most of the fashion brands out there. I have a pair of Earth boots which I adore, but they’re hard to take off and on sockless, so I don’t wind up wearing them around the gym. I do wear them everywhere else, though — out and about on normal days, and three seasons for camping.

Here are some of the major retailer’s gift suggestions for her:

  1. Altrec’s Gifts For Her

  2. REI Gifts For Her
  3. Moosejaw, always with a sense of humor, has a page of “Gifts for Ex-Girlfriends” as well as a less tongue-in-cheek
    Gifts for Women page.

That’s a start. Please comment on what I’ve missed! What’s on your wish list this year?


Sara Lingafelter

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