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And a bonus Sunday content experiment

Sara Lobkovich
Sara Lobkovich
1 min read
And a bonus Sunday content experiment

This morning I wrote a Twitter thread about a recent article by Professor Scott Galloway titled "The Imminent Collapse of Digital Advertising." My thread on the topic is achieving some virality, so now I'm in experimentation and momentum-building mode.

A favor, if you're so inclined:

(1) Choose your favorite platform / content type from the below options, and

(2) if what I've written speaks to you or sparks a reaction, will you please give that post a share?

I'm curious to see what a story, delivered to humans, can achieve in terms of human behavior in this little experiment.

And you all are my (beloved) guinea pigs.

On Twitter:

On Facebook:

On LinkedIn:

Here is a LinkedIn Article:

Thank you for playing along, if you're so inclined (today or during your work week โ€“ no need to get online today for this โ€“ if you're unplugged, stay unplugged).

Have a wonderful, restful and restorative Sunday, all.


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