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Announcing: Red Currant Collective

Sara Lobkovich
Sara Lobkovich
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Announcing: Red Currant Collective

  1. Here's our "doors are open" announcement
  2. Also, some social media updates. If we've worked together and you're willing to share, it's super helpful Thank you so much to friends and colleagues who've done this – it means the world to me:

In April 2021, I'm formally launching my consulting practice: Red Currant Collective.

For friends and family still scratching their head trying to figure out what I do, the simple answer is — yup, I’m still “a strategist.” But that answer doesn’t mean much to most people, so the slightly longer answer is:

When companies and organizations are struggling to change something, they call me.

I help them:

  1. Clarify and align on what they’re trying to change;
  2. Develop a plan of action for achieving the change or transformation; then
  3. Support the whole organization around achieving change.

My work shifted in this direction after many years in marketing and communication, where clients had an appetite for impactful stories but not always an interest in the deeper work of creating excellent, story-worthy experiences.

These days, I work with a smaller subset of clients focused on the latter.

This lets me (personally) focus on what I’m best at to maximize client value, and tap in trusted partners and collaborators who are the best at what they do (the Collective) to tackle client challenges from all the necessary angles.

For more information, visit Red Currant Collective. If you have questions about my work or may need a little help yourself, don't hesitate to reach out.