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Announcing: Rogue Outreach

Sara Lingafelter
Sara Lingafelter
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Thank you for being a part of the RockClimberGirl community over the years — while I’ll still be blogging here (albeit infrequently), I wanted to share the news about a new adventure that I embarked on earlier this year.

I’ve gone rogue.

card_frontRogue Outreach provides social media problem solving and content marketing services to organizations of all sizes.  After building the RockClimberGirl community (with a day job as an attorney and in environmental policy), I went to work in Digital Engagement with REI, gaining invaluable skills for solving social media and content problems at scale in an enterprise.  From there, I had the pleasure of working with a variety of brands in the outdoor industry, and ultimately decided that I could best serve my clients by operating as an independent consultant.  So Rogue Outreach was born.

For more information, please visit, and sign up to receive occasional Rogue Outreach updates including:

  • Dear Sara:  Answers to questions about social media and content from real people working with real companies
  • Take Five Fridays:  Resources that will help you do business better and more happily; and
  • Social and content best practices you won’t find anywhere else.

Thank you, as always, and say hi if you spot me at your local crag this season…

Sara Lingafelter

Sara (Grace) Lingafelter takes steps forward and backward toward a right-sized life on a daily basis.