Prepare for Q2 with Sara Lobkovich and No-BS OKRs

okrs thinkydoers podcast Mar 12, 2024
Sara has long red hair, and is sitting casually on a stool, smiling at the camera. The graphic says: Get Ready for Q2 with Sara Lobkovich, OKR and Career Fulfillment Coach


Are you ready to create big, bold goals for Q2 and beyond, and achieve remarkable results? In this Thinkydoers Short, I'm sharing a slew of resources to help you get ready for Q2 -- whether you have a budget or not, and whether you are excited to get visionary and curious and plan your Q2 or hoping to spend as little time as humanly possible, so you can get right to achieving your goals!

Show Topics:

  1. It's Quarterly Reset Time: Q1 performance review and Q2 goal-setting are upon us. Tune in to our LinkedIn Live sessions for a creative approach to quarterly retrospectives.

  2. No-BS OKRs Workshop: Our popular workshop is now available in a hybrid format. Join anytime, learn at your own pace, and get your OKRs written in just one week. 

  3. The Evolutionary OKRs Playbook:

    • No-BS OKRs Workbook: A 50-page download with essential OKR basics and valuable cheat sheets, available later this March!
    • No-BS OKRs Playbook: The "big book," covering deeper explanations and tackling OKR challenges, is scheduled for release in September.
  4. Stay Connected: Shoot me an email at sara@redcurrantco if you have questions about anything mentioned here -- and I appreciate your shares on this episode!

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Let’s set your Q2 goals up for inspiration, progress, and success! Tune in, subscribe, and let’s keep the conversation going! 🚀