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Busy weekends, busy weeks...

Sara Lingafelter
Sara Lingafelter
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This has to be snappy, since it’s late, and I’ve prescribed myself eight hours of sleep a night to try to help my body recover from a hectic and intense schedule the last few weeks…

First, join, and follow @climbfind on Twitter. The guys, and their sweet van, may be coming to a town near you soon (and, they want to make sure you never have another Friday where all your climbing partners have bailed). More on that in a minute…

Despite the necessity of packing for this week’s Denver trip (come tweetup with me in Boulder! I decided to do the irresponsible thing and go climbing instead. GR and I headed for Tieton, one of my favorite Washington climbing areas. We had another fantastic day, armed with an ambitious ticklist, at Lava Point. He was on fire, and I was able to tick another 10b on lead, and worked a hard 10c on lead, which are the grades I’m trying to consolidate. I felt mentally ON during the 10b lead, which is something I’m working hard on, so all in all it was a rewarding day despite me not being able to clean all of GR’s routes thanks to my still-healing fingers.

This morning we changed plans… original plan was to hit the Bend for some trad climbing, but we were both pretty worked from Saturday, so when our third didn’t join us, we decided to join some new friends at the Caldera bouldering area. While we waited for them to show, we scouted the boulders and enjoyed the local wildlife. There are a few worthwhile boulders, and I’d definitely wind up a day out there, but when our new friends from Saturday didn’t show, we decided to try again to get to South Fork.

For South Fork aspirants, wait until after June 21. We did the long drive almost up to the crag following the directions in the Tieton guidebook, and the road was closed for a road construction project. We asked a passing construction truck if we could do the approach to the climbing at all, and they said no. They also indicated the road is still snowed in, so we’ll have to wait a little longer to sample the routes at South Fork.

The weather was only getting more ominous, and we were only getting more tired, so we turned toward home. Which, actually, worked out for the best!

We made it home in time to catch Jonathan from at our very own Kitsap Vertical World. Jonathan is traveling the western U.S. to spread the word about ClimbFind, which allows you to find and connect with climbing partners both close to home, and far from it. There’s also extensive information about climbing areas and gyms on there (more information in some geographic areas than others). I joined a few weeks ago (bucking convention, I’m just plan “sara” on there), and have already posted a couple of pictures from Tieton, and look forward to connecting with climbers via the site. We had a great time, GR and I working endurance for the first time in weeks after overindulging the last few months at our bouldering buffets, and Candace and Jonathan leading their way around the gym. Jonathan and Kevin are stopping next in Portland, then heading south to San Francisco, so get out and say hi at your local gym, and they’ll be happy to give you the grand tour of their incredibly sweet van.

Now, back to packing. Tomorrow night’s the deadline for submitting your most romantic climbing or outdoor stories to enter to win a great gift basket from Kiss My Face… then Tuesday I’m off to Colorado for a week of meeting friends, seeing family, and hopefully a little climbing if I’m lucky!

Sara Lingafelter

Sara (Grace) Lingafelter takes steps forward and backward toward a right-sized life on a daily basis.