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Cave Rock, NV closure "permanent"

Sara Lingafelter
Sara Lingafelter
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According to a newswire by Alpinist Magazine,

“US Forest Supervisor Terri Mason signed an order to enforce a permanent climbing ban at Cave Rock on the shore of Lake Tahoe, Nevada.

Additional information about the permanent ban is available from the Forest Service Lake Tahoe Basin Management Unit.

Having been to Cave Rock last summer as a sightseer, this is a really sad loss for the climbing community. Despite involvement by the Access Fund to seek a reversal of the closure, the climbing community could not overcome the objections made by the local Washoe Tribe and complaints about trash, bolting, and visible use of chalk.

Having followed this access issue for the last year, the Alpinist coverage was the first time I became aware that this was, in part a gender issue — according to the Alpinist news brief,

“The dispute started in 1997 with complaints from the local Washoe Native American tribe. The Washoe’s complaints sparked controversy because they included an objection to women touching the rock. Access Fund marketing director Robb Shurr explained, ‘The actual rock is considered holy by the Washoe tribe. They originally wanted to ban women entirely from the area, but the Forest Service would obviously not allow it.'”

Under the order, “non-invasive recreational activities” are permitted, including hiking, fishing and picnicking.

It goes without saying, folks — review the leave no trace guidelines. The Access Fund is urging climbers to honor the closure.

Sara Lingafelter

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