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Climbing Blogs of Note: The Liminal Line by Majka Burhardt

Sara Lingafelter
Sara Lingafelter
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Majka Burhardt’s Liminal Line is another fine blog for climber girls and anyone who’s interested in reading about the climbing life (and, the part of climbing life that involves making a living).

Majka Burhardt is one talented lady. She is a Boulder, CO based writer, climber and guide and is coming soon to a location near you to speak about her experiences climbing in Ethiopia…

While I feel a certain kinship with all climbing women who choose to write about their experiences, Majka is in a class all her own. She is an incredibly talented writer (this praise coming from a very picky English major and professional copyeditor) and she can CLIMB.

Reading through the few pages of posts that are already online, I was amused by “Normal People.” I use that phrase routinely to describe non-climbers and/or non-lawyers, depending on the context and who I’m talking to. I also like that post because I can relate with Majka… I don’t constantly ask myself if I like or dislike climbing but I can relate with her lack of total and utter continuous happiness when going vertical. I spend a fair amount of my vertical time afraid (although I am getting better) and sometimes even miserable (although I am also getting better at avoiding those conditions).

The blog entries are relatively brief, but Majka’s observations on her climbing (and non-climbing) life are insightful and entertaining. I sometimes wonder why more climbing writers don’t blog… and then I remember why I don’t write “real” articles — I get all of my creativity and thinking out in my blog and then what’s left for a “real” article that would require… you know… work? Majka’s blog whets the reader’s appetite for a little more Majka without taking away from her other writing which is definitely worth paying for (whether in book or magazine form). The blog’s design is pleasing to look at and I’d imagine she’ll get quite a bit of attention for it as the blog gets more established.

Edit, 4/7/2008 – Majka does have an RSS feed online at:


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