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Climbing high with Math

Sara Lingafelter
Sara Lingafelter
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From the Seattle Times Eastside division: “Amid loud laughter and supportive cheers, it’s hard to believe that these students are studying math and science. But that’s exactly what’s happening at the Bellevue YMCA this week as 14 middle- and high-school kids participate in the first-ever ‘Climbing Higher with Mathematics and Science’ program. Designed to teach and develop math and science skills using outdoor activities, the program was designed by Leadership Eastside and incorporated into the Y’s Extreme Rocks and Ropes Camp.”

So unbelievably cool. The article features both girls and boys, and highlights this program as one effort to increase WASL scores. Climbing is a great spoon full of sugar to make the math go down.

Luckily, geometry and physics were strong subjects of mine in school, which most times are an asset in my climbing. Most times, I say, except when I’m run out on a traverse and adding up the quantity of rope out, subtracting the distance from the last point of protection to the ground and remembering the speed at which a falling object travels it can be a little tricky to stick the itty bitty edge you’ve got to stay on in order to not become an experiment in surface area distribution against the rock below…


Sara Lingafelter

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