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Dogs, dogs, and more dogs

Sara Lingafelter
Sara Lingafelter
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First, there was Maynard. He’s not, from what we know, a RockClimberDog just yet, but he is awfully cute and lives an outdoor life among outdoorsy folks in Jackson Hole.

Then, Hana, my labrador, joined the party since she was feeling left out.

I was flipping through my Google Reader list of climbing blogs today and realized… most of the climbing blogs I read occasionally feature dogs. I’ll see what I can do to keep this post updated with doggy links from my climbing blogosphere.

Crag Baby is a chihuahua who resides with my new blog-friend, Wasatch Girl. CB is adorable. WG is apparently one of my cosmic near twins… not only were we at Red Rock the same week before we’d even discovered each others’ blogs… she’s also a techie, a climber, a volunteer, and a giggly girl (although I have a few years on her). WG, however, had the good sense to make her home in an area surrounded by real rock… smart cookie.

Here’s an unnamed adorable dog featured in a post about a named adorable roommate… I just came across dropkneeclimbing today, so will be reading more and anticipate a feature spot in my list of Climbing Blogs of Note, coming soon.

Here’s a post with a picture of Fletcher, Steph Davis’ furry companion.

We met two awesome dogs during our trip to Red Rock last winter. You have to flip through a bunch of climbing pictures to get there, but near the end of the trip report meet the anonymous whippet at Stratocaster Wall, and Toby, the local.

Get Outdoors just put up a post a few days ago about doggie gear. I’m not advocating strapping your dog into a harness to take him for a climb. There are some dog parents who think that’s okay, and that their dog is having fun being hoisted up the side of a cliff. And, we’ve met some dogs who really do go along without looking traumatized and terrified. We’ve also seen some dogs being treated to what I would call abuse at the crag. In our family, my Hana prefers to keep four on the floor, preferably in a nice tent with a cushy Thermorest and some non-climbing sucker to scratch her ears while we go off and do our climbing thing without her having to see it… so she doesn’t usually come along.

Who am I missing?

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