Easy OKR Quality Control Flow Chart

This flow chart makes it simple to self-check how close your OKRs are to "best practice"

There is no "right" or "perfect" OKR, but when we're creating Objectives and Key Results for companies, and/or at the senior leadership level, it's important that we model best practices that we want the rest of our organizations to follow.

This one-sheet Evolutionary OKRs quality control flow chart is the same one we use in our own OKR playbook and with clients, to help make ensuring OKRs model best practices as efficient and painless as possible. 

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This Cheat Sheet was created and is shared for your individual use by Sara Lobkovich, OKR Coach and Principal Consultant at Red Currant Collective LLC. Please feel free to share this page with colleagues and others if you'd like to share this file. This Cheat Sheet is (c) Sara Lobkovich, Red Currant Collective LLC (2023) and all rights are reserved.