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Every rock climber girl should have a car big enough to sleep in

Sara Lingafelter
Sara Lingafelter
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This is one of those non sequitur posts… I didn’t make it outside this weekend, and I’m starting to have serious outdoor-withdrawal… it’s been two WHOLE weeks since I climbed on real rock, and I don’t know if I’ll make it to this weekend. I’m in beautiful Bellevue on Thursday and Friday for a work thing, so am thinking I may spend my evenings out at North Bend… anyone care to join me out there rather than the gym, if I can actually get away in the evenings?

Had a good climbing night Friday… lead hard (for me) and had fun climbing with some newer and some older partners (technically, some older-newer and some younger-older partners, but that’s just getting too confusing). The weekend was mostly filled with life stuff and work stuff, but I did thoroughly enjoy finishing up Eye of the Albatross, by Carl Safina. It’s one of the best books I’ve read in a long time… unfortunately, has nothing to do with rock climbing, so I suppose it wouldn’t make sense as a “stuff to read” entry on my blog about rock climbing. It’s one of those where I savored the last few chapters slowly, to try not to finish it… I had a chunk of pages left and some comfort in knowing it wasn’t over yet, and then ACK! I was tricked! The last chunk of pages were references and the index, and the book was over. So sad. So, now I’m looking for more book recommendations, in keeping with my current theme of books about “other stuff” that teach me about the struggle and conflict that is our existence on this planet. I’m open for suggestions (comment away).

WasatchGirl is in Squamish despite the theft of her Honda Civic the day before her scheduled departure… thank goodness, CB (her chihuahua, CragBaby) was not in the car at the time. Thank goodness #2, her climbing gear was also not in the car at the time. So, a trip to the Squish is definitely in order… no set dates yet, but I’ll try to figure out this week when we can invade the good ol’ BC in the next few weeks.

Now, time for work…

Sara Lingafelter

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