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Sara Lingafelter
Sara Lingafelter
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Turns out, I’m not the only one who struggles with fear.  Fear is a topic that some of my favorite friends (who happen to be delightful storytellers) have also recently written about, also.  Here are a few nuggets of wonderfulness for your “Fear” reading list.

Jenn Fields:  Lucky to Let Go

Jenn’s story is about the fears we choose, the fears we don’t, and places where the two meet.

(PS, Jenn… been there, with the whole edamame thing.  Glad you checked out, and got it checked.  Next time I’m in Denver, hopefully it will be for more than an hour.)

Teresa Bruffey:  Fear is a Four Letter Word

I would love this post, even if it didn’t have funny little tidbits in it about my first day of climbing with Teresa after living together for months… because of Lightbulb #3.  But rather than do a spoiler, I’ll tell you to read the whole thing.

Katie Beth Matas:  breaking up (with rocks) is hard to do

Katie jumps out of airplanes for fun.  And yet, rock climbing can still be scary.  I can relate.  People think that we’re fearless… but really, climbing — for some of us — is about learning how to embrace and operate with our fear.

And, finally…

I read this today, in a book given to me by a friend.  The irony of the timing of my reading didn’t occur to me until just now — hours later — I was on an airplane somewhere over Wyoming when I read this passage, written by a female pilot, whose plane once crashed during a solo flight.  Never fear — she, and her retriever, Tao, both survived “without a scratch.”

“Maya Lin, designer of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial, says ‘To fly, we have to have resistance.’  If the air doesn’t resist, doesn’t push up against my airplane’s angled wing while the wing pushes down, my plane wouldn’t fly.  Fear is my resistance.  I try to push it down and it pushes me up.  I fly solo against the resistance of fear — the fear of a premature coffin of middle-aged settling and the competing fear of crashing again.  And in pushing against such fears, I am lifted.”

That’s from an essay titled “Flying to Wild Places” by Valerie Van Brocklin in Solo: On Her Own Adventure (Seal Women’s Travel) (which, by the way, I would highly recommend even though there is precious little in the way of climbing stories… I positively savored the book, and have dogeared many pages for myself to come back to).

And, in pushing against my fears, I am lifted.

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