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Film highlights of the Squamish Mountain Festival

Sara Lingafelter
Sara Lingafelter
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The talk of the interwebz this morning is the Cedar Wright final edit of “Boogie ’til You Poop,” featuring Jason Kruk in a mini epic on a Squamish offwidth formerly known as “Boogie ’til You Puke…”

I’m having trouble with the embedded video, so you’ll have to click a link to see Boogie ’til You Poop from Cedar Wright on Vimeo.

I ran into the guys on the trail on their way up that day, and observed that they looked like they were going to have more fun than me.  I think this video proves me wrong.  Or does it…

The official Squamish Mountain Festival Film Fest awards went live, and here’s my unofficial take.  If I were judging, I’d give the “Best Film Overall” to As it Happens by Camp 4 Collective’s Renan Ozturk and Cory Richards.  The quality of the cinematography was superb — especially considering that the clips were edited in the field and shared with their audience at home “as it happened.”  The footage was the best I’ve seen at capturing the experience of arriving in, trekking and traveling through, and spending time on a mountain in Nepal.

I had an absolute blast at the Fest and can’t wait until next year… the “official” version of the Fest is online and I don’t have much more to add except that the bouldering clinic I did with Scott Milton was kick ass… I put into action some of what I learned yesterday bouldering in Leavenworth.


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