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Getting off the sofa.

Sara Lingafelter
Sara Lingafelter
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Or couch. Whichever you prefer.

I haven’t really done anything since the end of August. I mean, I’ve spent a half day snowshoeing, and gotten in a few early ski days… I’ve done a few yoga classes, and I think I went for a hike or two. But, when I came off Mount Rainier, I had no objective… and hence… stopped training for the first time since the spring of 2009.

Really, it’s been kind of nice.

I had a few nagging little injuries to heal up, and this has given me that time. I’ve regained some of the flexibility I lost while training for Rainier, and my body feels a bit more like my own than it did after that particular effort. I’ve also been pretty swamped with work travel, so I’ve been out of my regular rhythm.

So, I don’t know what possessed me to go to the gym today, for the first time in months. Maybe it had something to do with spending the last week talking about trip and project possibilities with a few friends. Maybe I don’t want to go up a size in jeans.

Maybe, it’s just time.

So, while I know it’s a strange time, right before the holidays, to start training… and it feels really strange to do so without an objective… I’m going to do it anyway.

I planned to do a workout of run / walk intervals, since what I really need most is to lean back down a little bit for rock climbing. But after thirty minutes on the treadmill, my old friend the stair climber beckoned and we had a little 50 floor bit of quality time together. It felt good. Maybe a little too good. Maybe like I need to figure out a way to train for rock climbing and mountains, at the same time.

When I hit the weight room, I was pleasantly surprised at my overall fitness, until I got to abs. I apparently lost my abs, somewhere along the last few months. Like, gone, gone. Like, used to belt out 30 of anything (crunches, obliques, etc) no problem… and tonight, I couldn’t even manage 10 without hurting. I guess I know where to start.

I’m also planning to rehab a bit before I start climbing at maximum exertion. When I go back to climbing after breaks, I always wind up climbing full bore, full energy, at the limit of difficulty for myself… and I’m not going to allow myself to do that this time. I still have a few injuries that need care, and this time around I’ve had a long enough break to ease back into climbing and focus on cross training to try to keep my body as healthy and injury free as possible.

While The Paleo Diet is the uber trendy thing for climbers these days, my appetite is just too moody for any particular program, and my blood sugar too dependent on fuel to restrict my calorie intake to a “weight loss” degree. So, I will eat healthfully. Whole, unprocessed foods whenever possible. Meat on the rare occasions my body asks for it; eggs and fish and tofu on the frequent occasions my body asks for them. Small amounts of oats, quinoa, healthy fats and nuts. And all the fruits and veggies that look colorful and fresh and good. No fast food. Less coffee. No booze except for a cocktail on New Years. And much, much more water.

And then the fun part. The training.

I’m seeing a fitness oriented chiropractor to help me bounce back from my second car accident in a year (I guess it’s an occupational hazard when you’re a road warrior). He’s letting me pick how I want to work out for my rehab, and really, when I was in the gym tonight thinking about it, I just want to climb a little, lift a little, cardio a little, and carry a load up stairs a little. It might not be the best way for me to get in shape for any one thing… but it seems the right way for me, right now, to get off the couch.

Oh, and I’ll be skiing a lot. It’s that time of year, and apparently I’m hooked.

So, how about you? Are you in the pre-holiday slump? Ramping up for a winter trip? Speak up, in the comments, and let me know if you’re also getting off the sofa. Perhaps we can help keep each other company, and help motivate each other through the holidays.

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Sara Lingafelter

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