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good night, good night

Sara Lingafelter
Sara Lingafelter
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It’s late… I’m back at work, after a break to hit the climbing gym. I got there late because of work… and then only climbed a bit because there wasn’t a ton of time before closing, but nevertheless, had a great climbing night. Contrary to Josh’s theory, I have nothing against boys… boys have their place. But I am enjoying climbing with my girls right now, and tonight was no exception (except for the exception that I did climb with Kelly a bit tonight, who, although possessing a girl’s name, is a boy).

Anyway… while not one to boast about numbers, I did finish a toprope project today at my max, that I worked on a bit a few weeks ago and then took a break from. It felt fantastic. I felt strong, and it was just hard enough that I didn’t know for sure I’d get it, so it felt like a real accomplishment when I did. Maybe that’s the theme of the week (or month, or few months)… that life is hard, but hard is rewarding.

So, I’m feeling thankful that the doors were open, and I got some climbing in. Work and life have been out of balance the last few weeks and the weather is looking Not Good for most destinations this weekend, although as of right now Leavenworth looks like the best bet, or maybe a hot hot Vantage. Teresa has simply GOT to get outside and scuff up her pretty fingertips, so there’s a chance of an outing on Sunday.

Sara Lingafelter

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