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Help preserve climbing access at Lower Town Wall, Index, WA

Sara Lingafelter
Sara Lingafelter
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Please join the effort to help preserve climbing access at the Lower Town Wall, at Index, WA. Index is one of my all time favorite climbing areas… it’s considered by some to be the highest quality climbing area in Washington, among other superlatives. This crag, in particular, is a centerpiece, and the climbing community has a rare opportunity to participate in the acquisition of the crag, which is up for sale by the private property owner. The parcel for sale is approximately 20 acres, and is home to Lower Town Wall, the Quarry and Inner Wall.

For now, please join the Friends of Index Facebook Group to get additional information and updates, and watch the Washington Climbers Coalition website and forums for updates and calls to action. In addition to actively participating in acquisition efforts and providing other support, our behavior as climbers will have a direct impact on this process. If you climb at Index, please regularly check those two resources so that you know what the current situation is, and what’s being requested of us as a community, and respect those requests.

Also, this, from the WCC info page on the topic:

“Now, more than ever, we are interested in seeing if we can purchase the property that includes Index Town Wall. Along with fundraising, valuation will be key if we are to discuss any possible purchase of the private property at Index. We would appreciate hearing from those who may know about environmental and safety regulations that would pertain to renewed quarrying on the site, the transport of materials and equipment over the railroad tracks, possibilities for other types of development, and issues related to the management of forest and recreational lands. We welcome assistance with and discussion of raising money for any possible purchase, planning for ongoing management by a climbers group, land trust, or government agency, and the actual conduct of efforts to bring this matter to a favorable conclusion.”

Please join in, if you can. Thanks, and I’ll post updates here as well…

Sara Lingafelter

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