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I heart yosemitebum and evolv

Sara Lingafelter
Sara Lingafelter
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I don’t typically do this, but my affection for this company is so strong, and my thanks so great, I just have to. I’ve had a long and stormy relationship with my climbing shoes because of various wierd-feet issues I have, and was lucky to find the shoe company Evolv. Their products and customer service far exceeded my expectations, and their Rockstarshoe is still one of my favorites (they’re vegan!). The resoling arm of Evolv is YosemiteBum. Every few months I have a little email correspondance over shoe recommendations, or other oddball questions with the company President, who also answers company email. Sometimes at 10:30pm Pacific Time. Most recent oddball exchange:

Me: “Hey, Brian – have you ever thought of resoling dog boots with TRAX rubber?”

Brian: “Of course! Send them on in!”

Most recently, when my dear, comfortable, everyday old man shoes were desperately in need of resoling (and velcro reattachment, and a new rand — I so wish I had taken a before picture — the velcro pieces whose glue had failed months ago were held together with folded up pink route-marking tape) I entrusted YosemiteBum with their care. I had held out on resoling because on a bad foot day these were the only shoes I could wear without pain, and because I was concerned about the resoling altering the size or fit of the shoes. My fears were utterly unfounded. YosemiteBum returned my dear blue monsters in better than new condition. They were clean. Resoled. New (beautiful) toe rand. Velcro straps stitched together, so no more pink tape making up for failed glue. Perfect, and I mean perfect, fit. The new portion of the sole is shaped and fit better for toe-ing in than any shoe I’ve ever tried (and significantly improved over the original sole). And, all this for under $40.

So, here’s a shout out to the folks at Evolv and YosemiteBum. I have told you via email that you’re incredible, and that you’ve set the bar for customer service and product quality — but after this resole, I feel the need to shout it from the rooftops!


Sara Lingafelter

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