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If Charley gets her own blog, and Maynard gets his own post...

Sara Lingafelter
Sara Lingafelter
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then I at least deserve one stupid picture on my mom’s blog.

I’m Hana. I really can’t stand climbing trips — they’re always hot, and there are always half naked male people with all their metal dangly bit dangling around, and I don’t like that. This is a picture of me looking happy in the shade at Smith Rock, but I was pretty unhappy the rest of that day. Mostly, the upside of climbing trips is the camping part, which is really fun — a highlight of my life was sleeping in a tent through a monsoon at the Grand Canyon while mom was up worrying about whether we were going to get washed away. I also like the riding in the car, but the climbing part just sucks. I don’t like mom disappearing up where I can’t see her, although it’s better when she comes back down and rubs my ears.

Here’s a shout out to my doggy friend, Charley, the second cutest yellow lab in the world, and Maynard whose post on The Mountain Culture is what guilted mom into helping me type mine up. I’m off for dinner, so have a fun day!

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