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Inquiring minds want to know.

Sara Lingafelter
Sara Lingafelter
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A few weeks ago, my friend Peter raised a question about the strange questions people type into search engines that result in traffic to websites, and that lead me and another friend, Steph to actually open up our logs. It makes me giggle on the rare occasion that I look my search engine referrers, since there are a lot of pretty predictable searches, but there are always a few doozies that come out of left field.

Since someone took the time to type it into Google, I’ll take the time to respond to some of the keyword searches that have popped up recently.

[Insert Female Climber Name Here] Naked

My response… I’m having trouble deciding on just one. A candidate: Get a life. Another candidate: Try talking to girls in real life, instead of searching for naked ones on the Internet. But, whatever. To each their own. I suppose it’s only appropriate to link to this classic, at this point. You just won’t find what you’re looking for here.

When is the Patagonia Winter Sale?

Based on past years, it’s taken place in mid to late January.

Life Insurance for Rock Climbers

After a long search, I actually found life insurance that doesn’t exclude my climbing activities from coverage. I wound up insured through Prudential, but your mileage may vary. When shopping life insurance (or, any other kind of insurance) make sure to read policy documents carefully, and “don’t ask don’t tell” might lead to gaps in coverage.

Climbergirl Raised With Monkeys

An oldie but a goodie. Variations on this search phrase show up frequently in my logs. Folks are looking for information on Tori Allen, profiled briefly here in an Outside Magazine article.

Do Rock Climbers Kiss?

Based on my unscientific and anecdotal experience, and experiencing them in their natural habitat, rock climbers may occasionally kiss.

Why Don’t Girls Get Biceps?

They do. Believe me.

There are lots of variations on this theme. I seem to derive a great deal of search engine traffic from searches involving the words “girl” and “biceps.” Another favorite from this week’s logs: “amazing bicep girl.”

Girls get biceps. Some of us love our biceps the way other girls might love … I don’t know … eh … anything I finish that sentence with is going to alienate someone, so I’ll just stop right there.

How about you? What have YOU always wanted to know, and not asked? I reserve the right to not answer… but you never know…

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