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New today: Introducing Evolutionary OKRs

Sara Lobkovich
Sara Lobkovich
2 min read
New today: Introducing Evolutionary OKRs

Hi, friends!

Before the worky stuff, if you're not listening to KEXP's International Womens' Day special sets today, you're missing out. Take a minute to click over and start the stream and then come back. Really. It's that good.

I'll wait.

OK. Now that we've got some hype music going...

After spending the last few years immersed with OKR practitioners and experts, I've spent the last few months creating introductory and beginner-friendly resources to help expand our (r)evolutionary approach to OKRs beyond people already familiar with OKRs.

If you're newer to organizational goal-setting, or more on the "OKR curious" part of the spectrum, these new releases are designed to help you learn some of the why's, what's, key language, and basics of the Red Currant Collective approach to OKRs, which we call Evolutionary OKRs.

Early this morning we pushed live:

  • Introducing Evolutionary OKRs, new on the Thinkydoers podcast. This episode is a quick introduction to where Evolutionary OKRs fit into an organization's strategic implementation stack; shares important language of Evolutionary OKRs; and shares some of our most helpful tips and tricks around creating actually measurable Key Results.
  • Evolutionary OKRs Words and Meanings, live via YouTube sharing the essential taxonomy and important terms of art of Evolutionary OKRs.

Both are excerpts from an upcoming Introduction to Evolutionary OKRs self-paced course that we'll debut in time for Q2 goal-setting. If you'd like more information about that course, drop me an email here by hitting reply or we've set up a new general waitlist opt-in here if you'd like to receive early information when we open our waitlists and launches.

The next few months are going to be busy around here:

  • Our Evolutionary OKRs Playbook is with our first cohort of beta readers right now (including some of you!);
  • New cohorts of the No BS OKRs one-week, three-day, 4.5 hour workshop where you start with a blank piece of paper and end with a finished set of OKRs;
  • A special cohort of No BS OKRs designed to help people who are in career transition explore their impact history and set goals around their career transition; and
  • I recently taught a new Strategic Planning course with Section 4 that garnered rave reviews from participants and I had an absolute blast teaching it. Our next live delivery dates have not yet been scheduled, but I'll update you when they are!

You're receiving this email because you're subscribed to my personal email list – if you'd like to join a notification list for when we open waitlists and launch new resources in my day job capacity, click over to

I can't wait to hear what you think of these new resources, and I hope they're helpful as you wind your way toward your Q2 reset!

P.S. It's going to take me a little bit of time, but I'm also working on an "unplugged" version -- Mystery Science Theater 3000 style -- of the Evolutionary OKR introduction video to share some of the more activist, rebellious, and transformative potential of Evolutionary OKRs. Consider what's shared above the "suitable for work" version; the "unplugged" version is soon to follow -- when I get up the courage to hit "publish" on it! 😂