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it was supposed to be so easy...

Sara Lingafelter
Sara Lingafelter
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Yesterday was great. I had a really productive day at work, and then got my butt into the climbing gym… ran on the treadmill, then opted for a bouldering pyramid since I didn’t want to be there all night and felt like having a little time to myself. Bouldering is not my strong suit… a year and a half ago I fell from the top of the bouldering wall making a stupid attempt toward a finish hold and wound up with bone bruises in my ankle, which took about eight months to heal and another several to return to normal range of motion. So, I have a very strong association now between bouldering (or, taking any kind of risk while bouldering) and pain.

So, I started out with my pyramid, doing three v0s to warm up. Did two v1s first try, and then had to pick a v2 to work on. The first v2 took about three tries to get (including having to make some risky moves, which was fun to do after being so afraid of falling while bouldering for the last year and a half)… then got on another v2 for kicks on the cave (which I don’t usually boulder even at the top of my game since it’s hard for me to downclimb) and got it on my second try. It was FUN. I eyed v3s to see if there was something that looked fun… but by then, my tummy was rumbling for the artichoke and chicken dinner that had popped into my head, so I cooled down by reversing my pyramid, did my weights/abs routine, and then headed out. I felt bad ass, and strong. It was nice.

Had a good outside run to my friend Lynn’s to break my four month television moratorium (The Closer season premiere, if you were wondering)… running outside felt good after so much time on the treadmill. Unfortunately, I overestimated my confidence and didn’t finish the run home at 10:30pm at night… got a few blocks from Lynn’s house and was harassed by a car full of guys who I didn’t want to get better acquainted with despite their persistence so when they circled around the block I turned tail back for a sprint for Lynn’s and she took me home.

It was a good training day. And, a good day for my mental health and balance. Wish I’d had my girl power nighttime run home uninterrupted, but when you read police reports for part of your living, your radar gets a bit skewed. Things have been out of whack the last few weeks (either tending heavily toward work, or heavily toward play, but not well balanced between the two) so it was nice to have a good, moderate day.

Still no for sure plans for this weekend, although the girls are chatting about possibilities… so hopefully I’ll get out to North Bend one of the days… and it’s little sister’s birthday weekend, so hopefully will get some good girl time even if it’s not climbing. Life is good.

Sara Lingafelter

Sara (Grace) Lingafelter takes steps forward and backward toward a right-sized life on a daily basis.