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Just back from winter climbing heaven

Sara Lingafelter
Sara Lingafelter
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From Joshua Tree P…

We are back from Joshua Tree, tired, and our bodies a little worse for the wear. I’ve been going through our pictures (including some by our friend Shawn who is a real photographer and was kind enough to pick up our camera and snap the shutter frequently during the trip) and they are kind of a perfect example of the Joshua Tree phenomenon… they just don’t even scratch the surface. Just like our week there didn’t even scratch the surface. We didn’t make it to all of the climbing areas in the park. We only visited a few crags in five climbing days, but what we saw and climbed was breathtaking. I don’t have enough written down to do a play by play trip report, so I’ll try to keep this entry short and just reflect a little bit on the week. Next time I’ll try to take better notes, and more pictures. This time, click here for my web album of some of the better shots that ended up on our camera thanks to Shawn, Chris and I.

I’ve said a few times today that when I think back on the week my eyes well up — it could be the delerium that comes with driving the 2am to 10am shift during our marathon twenty-plus hour trip home; or, it could be that we just had a perfect climbing trip with our climbing partners and I’m torn between longing to still be there and knowing that my body and especially the skin on my little hands need rest.

Firsts… thanks to our generous climbing partners I did my first real seconding on trad routes, my first multipitch climbing, my first free-hanging rappel, my first gear snafu that required problem solving while suspended on that free-hanging rappel, my first offwidth, my first climb during a hailstorm… there may be other firsts, but that’s what springs to mind. The climbing was challenging, physically and mentally. Usually Chris and I are partners and we climb only what we can safely lead; on this trip, we were with much better, stronger, more experienced climbers, so we were able to climb routes we would only have been able to admire from the ground if it were just the two of us.

And now, we’re home, showered, and headed to bed to dream of our next trip to Joshua Tree.

Sara Lingafelter

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