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Kathmandu to Namche, Nepal

Sara Lingafelter
Sara Lingafelter
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I’ve said this before, but this is really the end of my real connectivity… from here on out I’ll be helping with the official corporate communication at:

ClimbWithUs on Twitter, JC_Climbs on Twitter, and
The official Expedition Hanesbrands website.

And then, I’ll do lengthy updates when I get back to faster internet connectivity either in Kathmandu, Hong Kong, or at home.

I’m hoping against hope to do two posts today… this one, and then a separate one just with photos from our trip photographer, Scott Simper, who is not only a breathtaking photographer (I’d go so far as to say “Portrait Artist”) but also a kick ass travel buddy.
At the moment, though, I’m photo upload challenged, so please keep an eye on my Flickr Nepal feed today and tomorrow morning just in case I do get photo uploads up, from my own shots and from Scott’s first few days of shooting.

I’m having a ton of fun with Scott and Todd and Jamie and the rest of the team, and for a bunch of people who hardly knew each other (if at all) before about six days ago, we’re all getting along fantastically and having a great time. I chatted with an American climbing guide from Seattle this morning and he observed that our team seems to be having a lot of fun. Perhaps that means we’re being obnoxious, but whatever. Spirits are high, mostly folks are staying healthy, and after two days of trekking, we’re taking a delightful rest day in Namche today.

The trekking itself has been quite pleasant. We’re able to move slowly to aid acclimatization, and I’ve had plenty of peaceful time to myself on the trail, as well as time with friends. I can’t get enough of the views… I expected the mountains to take my breath away, but I didn’t expect the trekking country to be this stunning. Thank goodness Todd taught me to walk a bit without looking at my feet yesterday, so that I can take in more of the views.

I just can’t describe how much fun I’m having. During the flight from Kathmandu to Lukla, when I first saw the mountains out the little plane’s window, I started to cry. I couldn’t help it. It wasn’t little sniffles… this was wholesale sobbing. I had to fish out a handkerchief. I expected to be afraid, on that flight… but instead, I was just so completely overwhelmed by the pure joy of being in that place, at that time, and seeing those views. I haven’t ever in my life felt that kind of unbridled, uncontrollable joy. I think that was when it finally started to sink in that I’m HERE. That I have this incredible, once in a lifetime opportunity to be here, in this place, with these wonderful people, as part of this team.

So, from here on out, it’s more of the same. One step after another. Fingers crossed I manage to find a connection to get some photos uploaded, since they really do kick ass. I mean, if I may say so myself… even mine are good. Scotty’s are PHENOMENAL. I tried to edit down my shots taken so far today, and didn’t manage to delete many. This place, its people, its views… it’s pretty hard to take a bad photo.

Time to get packing… we’ve got a bunch of expedition gear to organize this afternoon, after a few bags being delayed by weather for the Lukla flight. Then, a bit more rest before we hit the trail again tomorrow. Namaste!

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