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Last minute shiny things

Sara Lingafelter
Sara Lingafelter
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Sometimes there are things that are just so pretty and sparkly that I have to write them up even if they have nothing to do with rock climbing.

This isn’t one of those times, since I have the “gateway jeweler” of badass climbergirl Kate Rutherford, to wrap up this post with.  Thanks for being a convenient literary device, Kate.

But first — if you’re trying to get something under the tree for Christmas morning, try Glass Elements, by Marja Huhta.  Marja has some items available in West Seattle at Bird on a Wire Espresso if you’re a last minute shopper, and she also has gift certificates available on her website.  I am head over heels for her work, and can’t wait to do a little New-Years-present-for-myself shopping after the holidays.

I don’t see gift certificates available for the next two amazing jewelry artists I love, but you could always print a picture, wrap it up in a pretty box, and put that under the tree until the real thing arrives.

I wear one of Kate Rutherford’s Suspended Stone Designs pendants nearly every day… as do many female climbers I know (and others, to whom I’ve given them as gifts… they’re spreading among the women in my family, climbers or not).  Aside from the truly natural, elemental beauty of Kate’s pieces… her customer service for the women I know has been off the charts even given her climbing and adventure schedule.

Finally, I am still in love with Bronwen Lodato’s jewelry.  Her HERA piece is still one of the most lovely things I’ve seen, and her line just keeps expanding.

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