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Sara Lingafelter
Sara Lingafelter
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I have had no time to keep up on my google reader, but just rewarded myself with a fifteen minute break to catch up on what’s going on with some of my climbing blogger friends. Here’s the short version:

  • Kate & Mark turn around. Safety is the overriding objective, and it sounds like you guys make the right call. The route will (in all likelihood) be there the next time you give it a go. Good on ya for enjoying a day, even without the climb.
  • Another poignant post from Majka Burhardt. I keep forgetting to start a renters’ insurance policy, and then remember… everything I own that’s important to me is in my car and/or roof box at any given moment (climbing gear + camping gear).
  • My feminist card was revoked because I’m a sexist, and am not funny. (edit, 8/19/08 … sendaustin’s post is now returning a 404…)
  • Deborah, on why talking is not complaining. I’ve noticed this in my own climbing circle… I always thought that the guys weren’t ever afraid, and couldn’t figure out how they could do this scary stuff without fear. Finally, after a few years, figured out that the guys I climb with just tend to not let on when they’re afraid.
  • Here’s a beginner’s guide to climbing in Thailand, for Steve.
  • And, last but not least, a Rumney trip report from Lizzy and Luke, the most adorable climbing/blogging couple I’ve encountered to date. And, they’re fellow helmet-wearers (rock on, Lizzy and Luke). They’ve recently moved over to WordPress for their blog hosting, so check out their new site here.

OK, back to work. Have a good week, all…

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