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Mad Rock Trigger Wire Carabiner demonstration

Sara Lingafelter
Sara Lingafelter
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While I was down in Salt Lake City for the Outdoor Retailer show, I asked folks on Twitter if they had any questions I might be able to answer during my free time on the floor. One question,from @ryanmullins on Twitter, lead me to the new Trigger Wire carabiner from Mad Rock. The video above shows the action of the biner, and it’s also here on YouTube. Basically, you set the wire gate to “open,” and it’s held until it’s triggered to close. Mad Rock is pitching this as an add on to your normal rack of quickdraws, for steep and especially difficult sections of climbing; for me, I’m far more likely to use this with a stick clip.

Mad Rock is working on the “stem” piece that actually holds the gate open, so that it will have a fingernail ridge or nubbin to make it easier to set to “open” with one hand (right now, it took me two hands with the demo biner to get it set, but I also didn’t spend a ton of time with it… it might be something that takes a little bit of practice). The Trigger Wire is set to hit market in April, 2010, and I’ll be putting one or two on my rack.


Sara Lingafelter

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