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May day

Sara Lingafelter
Sara Lingafelter
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Faithful reader – this is a boring week, I apologize. Last night was ladies’ night in the gym, but no big news… had fun climbing with the girls (and Mike) and did lead most of the night, but my strength and power were definitely off; I got back on a new project and just didn’t have it in me… and I mostly stuck to leading 9s and 10s just to get a little exercise and clear the cobwebs…

But, that happens. My elbow is flaring up, but I think it may be bruised from a bouldering smash-o last week; last night it was feeling a bit climbers elbow-ish but that was also after a bouldering warm-up (which I usually don’t do, since tense/stressed downclimbing is one of the harder things on my elbows) and afore-mentioned elbow smash-o last week. Ice, vitamin Aleve, glucosamine and arnica rub-down and it’s feeling bruised but not tendon-y today. My mediation training resumes today so no climbing tonight, then hopefully tomorrow I’ll be up for a climbing night.

I had a picture I was going to post today in honor of May Day… a few months ago, while I was on a gear-marking frenzy I had Chris hold my set of DMM wallnuts like a bouquet of flowers… but I don’t seem to have it on my mac. They didn’t turn out as good as I imagined them anyway, but it’s the closest thing I could think of to the May Day bouquets I remember from being a kid.

Sara Lingafelter

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