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Monday, December 8th: Views from the Desk

Sara Lingafelter
Sara Lingafelter
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I’m having a tough time getting rolling this morning after a nice weekend, so I’m going to allow myself one more diversion to share some deals, some reads, and some random thoughts from my vantage point here at my desk.


These are recent blog posts I loved, written by climbers. They’re not all climbing-related specifically, but they do all have something to do with the climbing life.

Random Thoughts
Bouldering = awesome. I’m rediscovering bouldering this winter through my many gym field trips, and am really enjoying myself. I took a bad fall from the top of the bouldering wall about two years ago and got bone bruises in my ankle… talk about a long recovery. But now, I’m back in it, and am enjoying the mental and physical challenge of the short, hard, routes. Knock on wood, I’m hoping to not hurt myself… and am enjoying the mental aspects that translate directly to leading. Making hard moves without protection, with only yourself to rely on… it feels like it’s helping my lead head.

Any deals, reads, or random thoughts you’d like to share? Please comment!

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