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Sara Lingafelter
Sara Lingafelter
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As I neglect pending an upcoming redesign and relaunch (WordPress, here I come, baby!) I’ve been getting my typing in, other ways… here are a few links to recent stuff I’ve done for sites other than…

Climbing Lessons, on The Clymb. I don’t usually write for free anymore unless it’s for my own blog, but when the folks at The Clymb asked me a very good question, I couldn’t resist answering it. I kind of love this post, if I can be so self-indulgent.

Dave McAllister recently interviewed me for his blog, PumpFactoryRoad. Here’s the interview, in which he managed to get more out of me than people usually do. Criminy.

Finally, a few weeks ago I resumed my Reader Blog at Climbing Magazine. Here’s that little one, about my new found love of projecting.


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