Learn how to efficiently set big, bold goals to increase your successfulness and satisfaction in your work.



Learn the No-BS OKR approach to create actually useful OKRs

In this quick cohort-based course, you'll learn our intuitive approach to Objectives and Key Results that eliminates the buzz and dogma around OKRs and lets you get through goal drafting and into implementation with as little as three hours of learning and practice.

What you'll get out of this course:

  • An essential, no-BS understanding of OKRs (and especially Key Results)
  • Key coaching and self-coaching questions to keep you unblocked
  • Mastery of our No-BS OKRs Goal Ideation and Goal Mapping Worksheets, and our OKR Mad Libs One-Sheet and other quick references
  • You'll leave with your own useful, clear, measurable OKRs on a single page

Learn our simple No-BS OKR approach to create
OKRs that you and your team will actually use

Objectives and Key Results (OKRs) help us quantify our most important measures of success and progress. This live course (with asynchronous participation option) helps you learn our No-BS OKRs™ framework by doing, to create your own useful, measurable OKRs; at an unmatched value compared to other ways of working with Sara!

New platform, new pricing!



This course has traditionally been priced at $500, but for our first delivery via our own school,
you can join for only $297!


Optional Live Course Schedule: 

This course is available asynchronous and self-paced, and is also available during select cohorts with a live, instructor-led support option. 

If you prefer to participate live, or to follow the live schedule, here is what to expect: 

Available immediately after registration:

  • Introduction to the Course
  • Exercise 1: self-paced pre-work:
    • Complete a Retrospective


  • 60 min: Big Think + Creating Objectives
  • 30 min: Optional Co-working session to practice Objective formation


  • 60 min: Creating Key Results
  • 30 min: Optional Co-working session to practice Key Result formation


  • 60 min: Optional Co-working session to support Key Result refinement 


  • 60 min: Implementing & Achieving OKRs + Graduation!
  • 30 min: Optional Q&A and Co-Working Session!

What you'll learn:

  • What are Objectives and Key Results?
  • What are No-BS OKRs?
  • How do OKRs fit into my organization's strategy + planning stack?
  • No-BS OKR Creation step by step
  • Creating Aligned OKRs from the start
  • Quick, Clear Objectives
  • Actually Measurable Key Results
  • Operationalizing and Implementing OKRs
  • And more!
Contact us via RCCO with questions!

Hear from recent students:

A screwdriver and wrench, to illustrate the concept of

Sara was excellent! The course did a great job of everything from high level explanations to answering detailed questions.

OKRs can be a complex topic with a lot of room for interpretation, but Sara's approach is by far the best I've seen, and she provides excellent tools to be able to enact her way in any size organization.

- Rory Hibb,

A hand-drawn flow chart, to illustrate the concept of alignment.

My current role is more at the initiative level rather than the organizational OKR level but being able to understand how these OKRs are constructed so that I can breakdown into concrete initiatives has demystified the entire approach for me.

You don't need a "C" in your title to operate like someone who does, and this course was a great introduction for me into that way of thinking.

- Jim Wyatt, Pearson

A hand drawn light bulb to illustrate the student's

This course set forth a clear and actionable framework for setting up OKRs that can truly mean something to your team, and provide the clarity for how we proceed. Sara was intentional, listened to each person, and shared techniques relevant to each person's individual needs around setting OKRs.

This course unblocked me from a process that's been a struggle trying to implement from books and online articles for the last year. 

-Megan Mahdavi, Sun Reach Consulting


This Learning Experience Is Designed For:


Rebelutionary Leaders, Thinkydoers™ and other  changemakers motivated to build a goal-aligned plan to achieve meaningful change and impact in your work

Chiefs of staff, business managers, and other strategic operators in organizations struggling with goal setting and achievement

Organizational and team leaders with big, bold goals who want to increase engagement, accountability, and ownership among your teams


Can't join this time?

...but want to hear about future cohorts? Drop us your contact info, and we'll add you to the waitlist!

We plan to offer LIVE cohorts quarterly, but will have asynchronous / self-paced version of this course available in Q2, so we'll keep you posted about both!


I'm Sara Lobkovich

OKR Master Coach and OKR Activist

Early in my career, I struggled to understand unspoken and shifting organizational expectations, and the moving goal posts of "success," which often seemed arbitrary or out of reach. As a senior executive, that tension grew. I found myself in new compression zones between our annual plan and my team, with strategic plans and implementation activities that weren't aligned.

These experiences led me to the practice of OKRs -- Objectives and Key Results -- which help fill the alignment and clarity gap between durable strategies and implementation plans. The excitement around OKRs is huge: but the lack of coherent practical application information available was a barrier. So I created a coherent, useful, and intuitive approach to connecting strategy to execution through the Connected Strategic Stack, and a unique approach to Evolutionary OKRs for change-making organizations where people matter.


No-BS OKRs: Now available without a consulting or coaching engagement.

Increase your confidence and skillset to create useful, impactful OKRs for yourself, your team, and your company in as little as three hours.


Have questions? We'd love to answer them. Drop us an email at [email protected].