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No BS OKRs (and a question for job-seekers)

Sara Lobkovich
Sara Lobkovich
1 min read

A quick note for this Friday morning:

Registration closes on Monday, and class starts on Tuesday for our November cohort of No BS OKRs.

Would you like to join me for this short, sweet, results-focused session to set fresh objectives, and meaningful measures of success and progress to start your 2023?

Register here:

While this cohort was originally designed for business leaders planning their 2023, given the shifts in the job market I'm considering expanding the scope.

The content next week will be friendly for job changers, soon-to-be job changers, and people who are unexpectedly navigating the volatile job market who need some help getting focused and motivated as you navigate change.

My fingers are crossed I'll see you (or a friend you share this with) in class next week.

-  Sara

P.S. If you fall into that second category, drop me back a quick note to let me know if you may be interested in a job-seeker specific cohort. My wheels are turning about something we might set up quickly to provide a little support to folks navigating (or preparing to navigate) unexpected job changes. Thank you, and take care!