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Non sequitur

Sara Lingafelter
Sara Lingafelter
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Since life and the weather gods are conspiring against me, this will be a non-climbing post, to echo my presently non-climbing life (short lived — meeting the girls at the gym on Wednesday, but getting outside this weekend is looking not promising).

  1. Your tax dollars at work. No, this is not a joke. The U.S. government blogs. I dare you to click on the “Fun” category.
  2. The fruit trees, the late-season daffodils and my early season rhododendron are in bloom. Despite the state of the rest of the yard, all the flowers make it look not so bad.
  3. After several weeks of potato boycott, I fell off the wagon last night and had pirogies for dinner. Then, I had more for lunch today.
  4. Hana agrees that the weather sucks; although today half of the yard is sunny and the other half overcast, so we can’t complain too much.
  5. My hair is outrageously long (for me), and I desperately need to make time to get it cut. Hello… high school called, and it wants its hair back. The overwhelming vote of friends and family is that I not do anything too drastic. I’m trying to agree, but my instincts are always to change my hair, or get another tattoo, when my life is in flux. The tattoo I’d like is too large and expensive to do right now; although I have a new small idea too, so maybe I’ll go that route instead of the haircut route. We’ll see. As if you care. But, I am a girl, not just a climbergirl, so these are things I think about.
  6. My amazing little sister just got back from New York City and I can’t wait to hear all about it. As an aside, here’s a video she and a few friends made for a contest called “Obama in 30 seconds,” for the group Despite remaining uncommitted in the presidential race (I have my hands full with local races this year), I am so proud of her work.
  7. I continue to be thankful for the sheer amazingness of the people in my life.
  8. OK, this one’s slightly climbing-related. Thanks to wickedoutdoorsy a blog I read and love despite the fact that it’s not about rock climbing, I just discovered Athleta. They have a whole web page devoted to climbing apparel for women. Coolness. While you’re at it, read the latest wicketoutdoorsy post, “May 14 is Yak to Work Day” which just completely cracked me up.
  9. Last week, and this week, I’m attending a 40-hour conflict management and mediation training course. Sucks for me for climbing, since it runs Thursday through Saturday two weekends in a row; but, the training has actually been really beneficial (and grueling, and exhausting, and at times, exceptionally frustrating — but overall, I’m glad I’m doing it). Aside from anything related to conflict management and mediation, the materials had this quote on the inside front cover, and I loved it so much that I checked the book out from the library and am in love with the book too:

    “I am impressed anew by the shaping forces of hunger and harshness, and by how much the harshness that challenges life is what causes the beauty. Birds fly because they must escape predators and search for food. Trees grow skyward because they compete fiercely with other trees for light. Living things need something to push off of. Each of us needs challenges to give us the right shape. The heavenly weightlessness of space weakens the bones of astronauts — a demonstration of the principle that we need grounding to support ourselves, that to achieve and maintain strength we need to conquer forces that tend to hold us down. The weightless, painless paradise that we conjure as “heaven” — where all is given, no thing is contested, nothing carries danger or threatens loss, and no effort can bring gain or cause change — could never create the beauty of a bird, the sleek speed of a dolphin, the love of a child, the compassion, intellect and inventiveness of the human spirit. We could not exist in paradise. Our minds would unravel and we would wither and dull to nothing, and expire. Blessed are our enemies and challengers. Here is the great paradox of the flesh: without the things that can kill us we could not survive. Without challenges to our very existence, we could never have come to be.”

    That’s by Carl Safina, an evolutionary biologist, in Eye of the Albatross, Visions of Hope and Survival.

    Nope, no number ten today; nine, after all, is my favorite number. Just have a healthful day, and take care of yourself.

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