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This November is for creation.

We are setting aside time this November for gratitude, creation, and rest.

Sara Lobkovich
Sara Lobkovich
2 min read
This November is for creation.
We are grateful for your patience this month while we create (and rest).

I'm celebrating the start of Red Currant Collective's eighth month in existence by setting aside time this November for gratitude, creation, and rest.

I'm shifting from "back-to-back" to a more spacious schedule. From reactive to serendipitously observant. From endless streams and scrolling and high-volume everything to a slower, more deliberate and "inside-out" calm for the month (and perhaps, longer). I'm also re-evaluating our tools, platforms and operating procedures to reduce interruptions, increase focus and expand time and energy available for creation.

We are also planting seeds. We've begun proactive outreach to companies and leaders we'd love to support in 2022, and we are also opening a limited number of engagements for referrals. If you (or someone you know) may want some more information about working with us, now's the time to connect.

I've learned so much already this year working so closely and deeply with my clients and their organizations, it's time to take a moment to write down what I've learned (and share it more broadly).

And now I have new language to describe what's important to me in my work, so here is a quick re-introduction:

Me. Photo by Sung Park. 

Hi. I’m Sara Lobkovich, founder and principal consultant at Red Currant Collective.

I'm a strategist and professional OKR coach and consultant.

My personal mission is to unlock transformation and eliminate suffering at work.

We help transformation-minded leaders and organizations set and achieve bigger, bolder goals at scale. Our work helps leaders and teams clarify their most important outcomes, then align their organizational behavior (leadership, management, implementation, delivery) to achieve increased strategic impact while supporting people & culture, not causing harm.

And we deliver on that promise every day.

If you'd like to hear more and stay connected, there are two best ways to directly connect right now:

💌 drop me a quick note via the website: Contact — Red Currant Collective

🤝 join my SMS community for 1:1 hands-on support (not selling):

Thank you, and may your November be full of gratitude

(and creation and rest, if you're so inclined.)


P.S. If this resonates with you and you'd like to share in social media, here are a few links to make that as easy as clicking the share button.

And thank you: your shares create serendipity (and opportunity) and I'm grateful for every single one.


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