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Oh man, I'm stoked, that bucket is bomber!

Sara Lingafelter
Sara Lingafelter
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It’s been awhile… work and weekends have been busy, and mostly life has been pretty much back to a regular routine even if that routine is hectic, so I haven’t had much to report.

So, when you hear words like “stoked” and “bomber” come out of my mouth (as in, “Ooooh, dude — I’m stoked! That bucket is bomber!”) you’ll know I’m talking climbing.

Last weekend we did north bend with our dear friend Amy who is mom to our dear little girl, Keira, born last March. Amy hadn’t been outside climbing since during her pregnancy, and she sent both Chris and I to shame. She rocked leads from 5.6 to 10a, and then smashed a fun little 10c on toprope out at Gritscone, at the Far Side of Exit 38. My elbow tendonitis is still (much to my dismay) a problem, so between that and being a bit mentally shaky (it happens) I kept it pretty dialed down, but still had a lovely day getting incredibly dirty playing outside. Chris also had a great climbing day — he’s getting past his plateau and learning to use both his skills and his natural assets (freakishly long arms) which is really fun to watch since he’s felt like he’d reached a bit of a plateau.

After getting tired on Gritscone we did a scouting expedition to try to find Interstate Park. A note to other climbers unfamiliar with Far Side — Gritscone? Easy to find. Interstate Park — are you kidding me?! The new Exit 38 guidebook may be improved, I don’t know, but seriously, I can’t quite get over that approach. There are two ways in to Interstate — both require a class 4 scramble over talus. I think it would have been a blast without a 35 pound pack — but yes, sissy me, I had to hand off some gear to Chris to do the scramble. If you know me, you know that “Grace” is my ironic nickname, and I’m not the most sure footed animal on the face of the planet, so let’s just say — well — the hike was an adventure. Amy, of course, is a die-hard … not only did she scrable without complaint or hesitation all day — at one point, maybe 50 feet up a steep talus scramble, in full sun, totally exposed — she dropped pack to jog off across the talus to scout for the trail.

And, she found it.

So, we’ll definitely go back and explore Interstate another day when we’re up for the hike in and get out there early. There were tons of super tall routes out there that looked … sick.

Meaning, bomber.

And I’m stoked.

This weekend we’re headed out to Leavenworth for a quick trip… camping Saturday night somewhere, and then we’ve got a high angle rescue class on Sunday. It’s tough to go all that way and not do a ton of climbing, but that’s probably the best thing for my stupid elbow, since we’re hoping to do Squamish for labor day.

Alas, work calls. Have a lovely day, all…


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