Learn OKR Coaching from Red Currant Collective's OKR Master Coach

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Take the guesswork out of coaching OKRs

Red Currant Collective's Coaching Evolutionary OKRs cohort-based learning experience is designed to help busy leaders, chiefs-of-staff, and strategic operators learn how to:

  • Leverage existing strategic inputs and goals where possible, to avoid confusion and conflict
  • Layer truly measurable Key Results into your existing strategic implementation stack to increase accuracy of progress reports and help you achieve more
  • Localize OKRs efficiently and coherently with extreme focus to reduce wasted work and increase time spend on what's most important
  • Handle difficult situations that arise when coaching OKRs
  • and, participants work with and keep a full copy of our Evolutionary OKRs worksheets, cheat sheets and toolkits designed to make coaching OKRs more efficient, effective, and help new coaches practice with confidence.

This October is the first time we're offering this learning experience without a consulting or coaching engagement.

Increase your confidence and skillset to coach OKRs at the company, senior leadership, and team levels, over the course of three half-days of training and practice sessions.


This Learning Experience Is For You If:


You are struggling to confidently coach others to create and finalize Objectives and Key Results, and need some practical tools (and practice!)

You've already completed an OKR coach training, but would like additional useful resources and techniques to make OKR coaching more efficient and effective

You're a leader, OKR program team member, or strategic operator looking to increase your practical OKR expertise to aid with your organization's OKR adoption.



I'm Sara Lobkovich

OKR Master Coach and Instructor

My journey into OKR Coaching was a bumpy one. Even after reading books and completing a leading OKR Coach training, I kept running into gaps and challenges in the actual practice of coaching clients. Much of the training previously available depends on individual confidence and comfort "winging it," even when working with senior leaders in large organizations. As an OKR Coach, Consultant, and trainer, I've seen too many high-potential OKR Coaches become discouraged during in-class practice, and even leave courses early in frustration.

When I founded Red Currant Collective and began working with clients exclusively focused on the OKR methodology itself, the curriculum for this Coaching Evolutionary OKR course began building itself from the ground up.

This course is designed to give participants a strong introduction to OKR coaching in the Evolutionary OKR model that I’ve developed through 500+ hours of OKR coaching. Our goal is to increase accessibility and inclusion, so that more high-potential OKR Coaches join the coach ranks, and we've built useful practical tools to help make coaching more efficient and effective.

Live, cohort-based course:

Coaching Evolutionary OKRs™

This course is designed to give you a strong introduction to OKR coaching in the Evolutionary OKR model that I’ve developed through 500+ hours of OKR coaching, and benefits from what I saw work (and not work) teaching a third-party curriculum to 2,000 OKR coaches in 300+ organizations globally.

After that teaching experience, I reinvented my approach, curriculum and teaching materials from the ground up to increase accessibility, inclusion, and building useful practical tools to help make coaching more efficient and effective.

I'm excited to get started.

Welcome to the rewarding world of OKR coaching!

$999 USD


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