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Photos that make my eyes water: Red Rock, March 2009

Sara Lingafelter
Sara Lingafelter
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I guess this is an unexpected trip report Part Two (click here for Part One with more details), thanks to KT (aka, K-dizzle) who just posted her pictures from the trip on Facebook. She shot some of them, Shawn shot others… so sorry I can’t provide detailed photo credits. But, I think once you start scrolling down, you won’t care about photo credits since your eyes will be watering over just how beautiful this place is. Mine are, and, over how lucky I am to get to spend some time there once in awhile…

OMG.  Most beautiful thing I've ever seen.  I think it's at the top of solar slab.

Looking down on Sara and Smitty on Solar Slab

Looking up at Solar Slab

Mmmm, beautiful.

Me, in between curse words, on Panty Prow.

Me, on belay

Again, in between curse words on Panty Prow.

Chillin in the panty wall beautifulness

During the Solar Slab descent.

Shawn, shooting.


Sara Lingafelter

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