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Quick hits: 05.20.2008

Sara Lingafelter
Sara Lingafelter
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  1. Zoe Hart and Maxime Turgeon completed the first female ascent of Mt. Hunter’s “Deprivation” in Alaska.
  2. As if ticks weren’t disgusting enough on their own, Lyme disease is on the rise… pack some bug stuff for your next trip to Leavenworth…
  3. The Wall Street Journal covers a Wilderness First Responder course … man, I have got to do one of those…
  4. Stop using antibacterial soap, please!
  5. prAna is hosting a “climbing facial expressions” photo contest. Not sure if it’s open to folks outside the UK, but you can give it a try…

I caught the cold that’s going around the climbing gym, so am laying low this week. Hoping that plans in the works for the long weekend gel… cross your fingers!

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