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Quick hits, girls go shopping, and Majka Burhardt is coming to Seattle

Sara Lingafelter
Sara Lingafelter
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Here are some quick hits from the week…

Finally, I met my fantastic and talented little sister Megan for some intro-to-climbing shopping… she picked out a fantastic pair of Scarpa Technos that fit like a glove and got a screaming deal on a Black Diamond Diva harness (it was about $20 off) at REI. I’m really jealous of the shoes — the design is really innovative. Instead of a tight, pinchy heel rand that cuts into your achilles tendon, these have a “heel lock system” that is adjusted by the lacing, to provide a snug fit with more comfort. They’re billed as a “trad shoe” but are several cuts above most of the “trad shoes” I’ve seen in terms of technical performance features. Megan is brand new to climbing, and right off the bat she showed tremendous natural potential… I’m stoked to get her outside as soon as possible so that she can try out her new gear and hopefully start ropegunning for big sis before too long.

I had a few minutes to kill before hitting REI with Meg and wandered over to the fantastic Feathered Friends in Seattle. A flyer caught my eye when I headed in the door — Majka Burhardt is coming to Seattle. On April 17th, Majka will give a presentation at the Pacific Science Center, billed as “Science with a Twist.”

Climbing, culture, canapes and cocktails! Science with a Twist is excited to bring you this very special evening in partnership with The Young Professionals International Network (YPIN) of the World Affairs Council. Explore the fascinating journey described in Vertical Ethiopia: Climbing Towards Possibility in the Horn of Africa, which tells the story of how four women traveled to northern Ethiopia to climb virgin sandstone towers in the Horn of Africa.

That’s from the Science with a Twist website. What is the Young Professionals International Network? Really good question, since I also hadn’t heard of it before. Google to the rescue… sounds cool!

On April 19th, Majka is attending the NOLS Alumni Reunion and Public Reception at the Patagonia Store in Seattle. The program will involve Majka’s images from her Ethiopia trip, and a pre-reunion wilderness medicine “Snapshot” at the Washington Mutual Center.

Majka is a climber, writer and guide based in Boulder, CO and she’s one of my climbing writer heroes. I haven’t yet picked up the Ethiopia book, but am looking forward to it. For more information about her upcoming Seattle (and Portland, and other) events, visit her website.

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