Want a second pair of expert eyes on your OKRs?

Use our Review My OKRs service!

Before you share your OKRs or goals with your organization, give us two business days to review and provide feedback on your goals.

Reduce risk, increase impactfulness, and ensure that your OKRs set an excellent example for your organization with this quick and easy asynchronous review option!


You've done the hard part: let us help you ensure success

  • Expert review ensures that your OKRs are aligned with best practices to set an excellent example for your organization or team
  • Our coaches spot opportunities for increased measurability of Key Results
  • If you've got a quantity or lack of focus issue, our coach will provide feedback on what's most important
  • If we notice important gaps in your OKRs, we'll let you know
  • and, we'll share notes on what's especially great in what you send us!

The most frequently requested service in OKR coaching is now available

Increase your confidence and excitement about your organizational or individual goals by receiving expert feedback in two business days or less.


This Service Is For You If...

  • You have already written draft goals or OKRs
  • You'd like a second pair of eyes before sharing them with your organization, team, or Board
  • You don't want or need a long-term OKR coaching engagement (yet)

I'm Sara Lobkovich

OKR Master Coach and Principal Consultant


Over and over we hear from prospects and contacts: "I really just want someone to look at our goals, and give me expert feedback on how we did writing them." We decided to deliver on that ask with an affordable, quick-turn service to help organizations that aren't ready for an OKR coaching or consulting agreement. We're excited to be able to help more companies and leaders improve their OKRs through this quick and easy review and feedback process.