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Sara Lingafelter
Sara Lingafelter
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So, it’s a relatively low-volume climbing week… I’m hoping to hit the gym Wednesday for a lead session, and then probably again this weekend for a day to get some laps in and hopefully do a bit of routesetting. I’m not likely to get outside, given a long list of reasons, which is a bit of a bummer, but that’s life.

In lieu of blogging about rock climbing, how about I blog about my rock climbing blog?

I’ve been at it, in some form or another, for a few years… but in this incarnation launched in November 2007. Since then, I’ve made a whole bunch of climber-blogger friends, had and blogged about some fantastic trips, and received a bunch of encouragement from you, my peeps, who obviously have too much time on your hands (logic: you not only climb; you also read blogs about climbing; and some of you manage to email me or comment about blogs about climbing). Thank you for your support and encouragement, and for the many of you who are (or have become) friends, I feel blessed.

In no particular order, here are some tidbits:

  • Tori Allen. She is the rock climber girl who grew up climbing with a monkey. Keyword searches having to do with monkeys are the third most popular search that leads you folks to my website. I still can’t find a blog by Tori… the best I can do is a Squidoo page, here.
  • Y’all like yourselves some hot climber girls. You are also partial to “female rock climbers,” “hot rock climber girls,” “hottest climbing girls,” and “rock climbing girl photos.” Perhaps, google image search? I do have some beautiful girls, here… but since I’m still camera challenged, there aren’t many new shots going up. I’m trying to remedy that, but for now, you’ll just have to be patient.
  • This blog gets eight times the traffic of my next highest-traffic website. Probably because I spent at least eight times as much time on this one.
  • My favorite posts of all time:
    1. My interview with Jason Keith, policy director of the Access Fund (because I think he has the coolest job on the face of the planet, and he has been so generous with his time);
    2. My big trip reports… Tuolomne/Tahoe, Red Rock, NV and Joshua Tree, because if I didn’t have them to look at, there are days when I wouldn’t believe the trips actually happened.
  • Mechanics… I still use for my platform (my first blog was on ages ago, and I’ve mostly stuck with them since), although always toy with the idea of switching to wordpress. I use Disqus for comments (and love it).
  • I probably spend, on average, about two hours a week blogging. People ask me all the time how I do this on top of everything else I do… I guess it looks like more work than it is. I like to write, writing about climbing is good exercise for me, and I love having something to look back at to see how far I’ve come.

Now, back to the day jobs. I am contemplating a redesign to simplify things around here, but won’t likely have time anytime soon… I’d also like a more integrated photo system, so that visitors can just go to one photo album instead of having to look at all the various trip reports. I desperately need to add some “Climbing Blogs of Note” posts because there are some great ones out there that I’ve become a fan of lately… so I guess the upside of the impending rainy season is more time to spend on the old blog.

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