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Sara Post: Kala Patthar

Sara Lingafelter
Sara Lingafelter
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From RCG HQ: Check new pictures from Sara on her Flickr site. Here’s her latest post – Enjoy!

Today has been a big day all the way around… the rest of the climbers overnighted at Advanced Base Camp last night, then pressed up to Camp 1 today. More information will come, on the official sites at and Jamie’s Twitter account.

My day revolved around my first big acclimatization hike: to the summit of Kala Patthar at approximately 18,360 feet. We could have gone back toward Gorakshep and up the gentle main trail from there… but no… while Kami usually takes me “easy way” when we hike together, today we took the direct “short cut” from our base camp that followed the trail about halfway to our Advance Base Camp, then turned to switchback up a steep rocky slope to the summit. It was a fun trip up… it felt good, after days of trekking and resting, to actually really exert and get some exercise. We made good time to the summit despite going slowly for acclimatization, and had the summit to ourselves for a few minutes before the next couple of groups ascended.

On the summit we radioed base camp, and a gentleman who’d just reached the summit overhead me — he’s a long time client of Wally Berg and Berg Adventures, our trip organizer. I handed over the radio so that Gus could chat with Wally back at base camp. What a small world.

The views were every bit as incredible as I’d heard. The trip down was scenic and serious too — another “short cut” that skipped the meandering main trail around a series of ridges and instead came straight up and down a few ridges to drop us off right behind my tent. I felt great on the way up and down, and had a lovely time. My acclimatization continues to be much better this second time around, and I’m excited for more hikes during the rest of my time here.

Sara Lingafelter

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