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Sara's Grateful List for Saturday

Sara Lingafelter
Sara Lingafelter
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Not to be a total sycophant, but there are two Wasatch Girl-themed posts for today… Wasatch Girl’s Crag Baby blog occasionally features a grateful list accompanied by a nice, zen picture. Here’s my first grateful list, accompanied by one of my favorite pictures from our camping trip to Northern California awhile back.

Why a grateful list today? Because I am outrageously stressed out. At the moment, I have entirely too much Real Life going on. My day job is very busy, and loaded with expectations. My tech gig on the side is almost as busy. When I’m “not working,” I’m trying to help save our local climbing gym. Oh, and have I mentioned — I’m a candidate for elected office? Impressive that the reporter — who was very nice, by the way — got some things right about me… I am a young activist attorney and an avid rock climber. How strange it is to read about yourself in the newspaper. By last night, I was feeling immensely overwhelmed by all of it, and retreated to some not-great sleep to try to shake it all off for a bit.

This morning, when I got up too early, I googled “dealing with anxiety” and “coping with stress.” I didn’t learn anything new. If only the weather at Vantage weren’t supposed to be crap tomorrow, a climbing day would wash away everything else away at least for a little while. Or, if not wash it away, at least leave me in a more relaxed state of bliss and strength, which may help me get through the stress of next week a bit better. But, with the weather looking pretty crappy out there tomorrow, it looks like I’ll have to employ some other skills. Like, hitting the climbing gym, and listing out ten things for which I am grateful.

I am grateful for…

  1. The daffodils, hyacinths and azalea busting into bloom in my front yard. Despite the lack of tending, every spring certain plants pop through the weeds and overgrown grass and remind me that it’s time to come out from hibernation and start playing outside more.
  2. All of the craziness that is my Real Life right now, despite the stress. A girl could only wish to be so lucky … to have good jobs, fulfilling work, and a whole lot of people rooting for her. I almost forgot to be thankful for and humbled by that.
  3. Hana-banana for not caring how much Real Life is going on and giving me snuggles and love no matter how fried I am.
  4. My climbing friends, who make me laugh; and keep me connected to what is really important in life; and who share nuggets of wisdom and support at just the perfect moments.
  5. My non-climbing friends, who keep me connected to everything else that’s really important in life.
  6. My family, who’s doing a pretty amazing job of loving me even when I’m so tired and stressed that I can barely function.
  7. Trips to look forward to… hopefully, the next two weekends somewhere in Washington, weather permitting, then on to Smith for Girl Trip 2008.
  8. The gym still being open, because I think I’d lose it if I couldn’t at least pull on plastic.
  9. Figuring out how to put my music and pictures on my cell phone so that when I’m on my way to an interview or meeting or redpoint attempt I can put on “Fire it Up” by Modest Mouse, which has been my “power song” ever since it came out.
  10. The opportunity to spend tonight with some of my best living room friends — the ones with whom you can put on your slippers, put your feet on the furniture, drink just the right amount of wine, and count on a good, relaxing night — and tomorrow with my climbing friends, whether indoors or out.

What are you grateful for?

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Sara Lingafelter

Sara (Grace) Lingafelter takes steps forward and backward toward a right-sized life on a daily basis.