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Shorts and the City

Sara Lingafelter
Sara Lingafelter
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After my little marathon session a few weeks ago, Chris and I took a nice break from the gym to recover and focus on other things (like finding the world’s best housekeeper, and working). Yesterday, we had a family birthday party in Seattle, so we decided to make a day of it and spent a couple of hours at the Seattle Vertical World. The Seattle gym has always had a different vibe than our Kitsap gym, but I was particularly amused yesterday at some specific observations.

First, apparently, shorts are the fashion at the Seattle gym. Who knew? I am personally not partial to shorts… I find the “ride up” aspect uncomfortable, and frankly, what climber girl has time to shave her legs, especially in the middle of winter. But there was a pair of shorts at almost every climbing station, which I’ve never seen at our gym. No judgment, no complaints — just a cultural difference, I guess.

Second, the route ratings are less consistent than ours. The route quality, of what I climbed, was fantastic — but the ratings ranged from soft to sandbagged in the 5.8 to 10a range. Some of the setters there really know how to use a hold, though — there were really imaginative routes, some of very high quality.

Third, the floor surface is really nice. They’ve replaced the gravel in the lead area with soft foam cushions, which I think keeps the overall dust down in the facility (although I still had plenty of gym grime in my nose after leaving).

Fourth, the variety of past vertical walls is really nice. I climbed a lot of past vertical range — from just slightly past to overhanging — and I enjoyed the variety. The cracks are also fun — we have fewer crack areas, and ours are more textured, but the Seattle cracks made for a nice change of pace.

We had a really nice climbing day, the folks were relatively friendly given that we weren’t locals, and I’m tired today so I guess it was a good climbing day. Plus, who can beat a climbing day followed up by a trip to the mothership, Sephora?


Sara Lingafelter

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