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Go for what you want

The most important lesson I learned this year: Be prepared, and go for what you want, because nobody is going to just walk up to you and say: ‘Oh my gosh!  You are amazing!  Here, let’s make you a Vice President just because you’re you!

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Why did you leave law practice?

I spend my life taking quiet inventory of the world around me.  When practicing law, I watched other attorneys, and saw the way that they moved through their worlds, in order to balance living life and practicing law.  I observed that the good, healthy lawyers had these amazing things called

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Made up job titles

The next time someone asks me where I see myself in five years, I’m going to answer: “I see myself working as a Chief Gratitude & Happiness Officer.” and just see what they say in response.

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I sometimes wonder

I sometimes wonder if there are consequences for the people who meet me on airplanes, ask what I do for a living, then ask if this is what I have always done for a living.