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Backcountry ski gear adventures for newbies

When I wrote my first post last year about my beginning forays onto the ski slopes, I got a few notes indicating that readers would rather I stick to climbing… that there are enough ski blogs out there already.  Well, I say… tough.  I’ve become a

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2011: The Year of the Hat

Dear Jane, You were the first thing I saw, when I walked onto the show floor at Outdoor Retailer Winter Market.  I spotted you straight away, across the aisle, as I headed toward my first appointment of the show with Ambler Mountain Works. It was love at first sight. I

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A little love letter to my puffy coat: Feathered Friends Helios

Dear Precious Little Helios, Oh, my beloved… the person who named you chose well, my dear little Feathered Friends Hooded Helios. That is what you are… like a ray of sunshine in my chilly October life. We first bonded during our time together on Mount Rainier… Our