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AIARE Level 1 Avalanche Course with Pro Guiding

Where life used to revolve solely around climbing, if you’ve been around awhile you know that I’ve diversified.  Saturday marked the start of my fourth season of trying to learn how to ski — a task I wouldn’t highly recommend taking on in your

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Backcountry ski gear adventures for newbies

When I wrote my first post last year about my beginning forays onto the ski slopes, I got a few notes indicating that readers would rather I stick to climbing… that there are enough ski blogs out there already.  Well, I say… tough.  I’ve become a

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A climbergirl on skis

For those of you who know how I’ve always felt about skiing — terrified of the sport, and pretty sure that if I ever strapped skis to my feet I’d wind up perilously injured — this might come as a surprise. For those of you who