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Scenes from the Squamish Mountain Festival

Why is Captain Kirk climbing the mountain? Why is Captain Kirk climbing the mountain? ‘Cause he’s in love. Here’s the link to the video that kicked off the Squamish Mountain Festival…

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Squamish Mountain Festival: "If you're not belaying, you're just climbing."

View of the Chief, from the Squamish Mountain Festival website The Arc’teryx Squamish Mountain Festival is under way in beautiful Squamish, BC.  Running July 14-18, the Fest features three nights of film and live presentations, a Thursday night “Steep Shot” Photo Shoot Out and Party at Howe Sound Inn

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Squamish Mountain Festival, here I come!

That’s it… it’s a sunny, beautiful day… my car is packed… my cameras are all shined up… I’m out of here. Squamish Mountain Festival, here I come. Stay tuned for dispatches and a post-game, and I look forward to seeing

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A genuinely quick post

I spent the long weekend with good friends at Squamish… it was another lovely weekend of rock climbing. I took some pictures, so I’ll probably put up a little photo album if any turned out later on… no lengthy trip report this time. Friday was an

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Dreaming of Dierdre and Monkeys

Shawn “Beautiful Girls” Campbell emailed earlier this week with a very simple message… the Smith Rock weather report. Chris and I are both exhausted… we’ve been burning the candle at both ends with work and other commitments, and have not made it into the

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Squamish redux

We rolled into Squamish about 11:45 on Friday night, too late to get a campsite so we tested out the sleeping-on-the-seats option in Chris’s Honda Element. The verdict? Seat sleeping is ok for a ferry ride, not okay for overnight. Luckily the seats in the back fold up,